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Instrument Repair

Located in Tempe, AZ since 1996. We strive to do the highest quality work at a reasonable price. 943 E.Guadalupe Road, Tempe, AZ 85283, Please call us at: 480.752.3260


I play Cannonball Saxes and a few of the others listed here. For student Instruments, I sell and play Antigua Winds. Everything on this page, I fully endorse.

Saxholder Neck Strap - www.jazzlab.com

Hetmans Oils - www.Hetman.com

Firebird Saxophones - www.FirebirdSaxophones.com

Pearl Flutes - www.PearlFlutes.com

DiZhao Flutes - www.DiZhaoFlutes.com

Powell Flutes - www.PowellFlutes.com

Sonare Winds - www.SonareWinds.com

Guo Musical Instruments - www.GFlute.com

Binak Pro and 495 Oils - www.BiNaK.com

Zaja Oils and Products - www.ZajaMusic.com

Tune-lube Slide Grease - www.ThomasMusic.net

Cannonball Saxophones - www.CannonballMusic.com

Antigua Winds -  www.AntiguaWinds.com

David Weber Oboe Reeds - Webreeds.com


We also sell Al Cass and Alysin valve oils. We can get any brand of oil you like. Just let us know your preference.