Brass Cleaning Instructions


1). Disassemble instrument, pulling all caps, valves and tuning slides. Wipe off slides with a soft rag with some Goo-gone or other grease removing cleaner.

2). Fill sink or bath with warm to touch water with Dawn dish liquid, or any other grease cutting dish liquid. Do not drop parts into the sink as you may damage parts.<

3). Carefully place all of the parts in the sink. If you are able to, remove the finger button to remove top cap and felt, as we do not want the felts getting wet.<

4). Using a Scotch-Brite® pad for dishes, clean the tuning slide inner tubes. These are the dull tubes that go inside the main body of Instrument. Clean in the direction that they slide. Be careful not to scrub on any of the shiny areas.<

5). You may also use scrubbing pad LIGHTLY on the valves to remove staining. Do not over do this.

6). Rinse thoroughly in warm water. If you have an air hose with a compressor, blow out all parts and wipe the body and parts dry with a soft clean cloth. You may use some Lemon Pledge on a rag and lacquered areas to polish, or use any number of silver polishes , if it's silver plated.


1). Use a thin slide grease, such as Selmer or Zaja. Both are thin and red colored. Use this on the 1st and 3rd valve slides only. Put a dab of this on the threads of the upper and lower valve caps.

2). Use a thicker, creamier grease on #2 and the main tuning slide.

3). Use a premium valve oil on the valves. Put a bead around the bottom, insert the valve about 3/4 of the way in, spinning the valve as you lower it. Line up the valve guide with the notch that is 1/3 the way down inside the valve casing. You should feel it grab or click as it lines up. Some valve guides will notch backwards as well, so pay attention to the original direction of the notch.


Use a good mouthpiece brush and clean the mouthpiece out as well. You can use silver polish on this as well.

If anything is stuck and doesn't come out, DO NOT FORCE IT. Your repair professional has the correct tools for removing stuck items. YOU WILL cause major costly damage, which is good for me, bad for you.