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Located in Tempe, AZ since 1996. We strive to do the highest quality work at a reasonable price. 943 E.Guadalupe Road, Tempe, AZ 85283, Please call us at: 480.752.3260



Our combination of M.D.R.S. dent removal, bore scope valve/rotor alignment and ultrasonic cleaning, and valve refitting, puts us in the unique position to offer you the most advanced techniques and equipment AND the least invasive to your instrument.

Utilizing our services, as described below, you will find that your instrument will be properly serviced and cleaned, and will result in SUPERIOR mechanical performance in all aspects. Please read on,..


We have incorporated the most technologically advanced system of removing dents from brass instruments. We have all the needed tooling, including the new MDRS system. This system, designed BY repair guys FOR repair guys, allows removal of most dents all the way down to a 1" diameter on inside tubing. Prior to MDRS, branches had to be pulled and extensive soldering had to be done. The biggest advantage to you, the customer, is the time saved in not tearing the horn apart, as well as less damage done to the lacquer or silver finish from disassembly and reassembly. This saves you money and saves your horn from further damage.


The Bore scope is a revolutionary tool that allows us to visually align the upstroke and down stroke of each piston valve perfectly. It is most effective for rotor valves. Not all factory witness-marks are correct, nor do they provide or guarantee proper alignment. Factory installed valve regulation felts are often not the correct thickness for correct port alignment. The Bore scope allows us to visually inspect and correctly adjust each valve and rotor perfectly, for correct porting.


Ironically, we clean brass instruments using "sound waves". The Ultrasonic cleaner delivers these "sound waves" into a cleaning solution, by means of a series of transducers mounted to the side of a tank. The sound travels throughout the tank and creates waves of compression and expansion in the liquid. This compression and expansion is so dramatic that the liquid molecules are ripped apart, creating microscopic bubbles. The bubbles are very small and exist for only a split second. The bubbles contain a partial vacuum while they exist. As the pressure around the bubbles becomes greater, the fluid around the bubble rushes in, collapsing the bubble very rapidly. This violent collapse, combined with the liquid jets velocity, provides a very intense cleaning/scrubbing action in a concentrated area. This scrubbing action exists throughout the entire cleaning bath. Utilizing application-specific detergents, I can get your horn cleaner than with any other approach.

Prior to Ultrasonic cleaning, you had a number of options, none of which were really pleasant. If your horn really got somewhat clean inside, your instrument was dunked in all sorts of acids, then brushed out, and hopefully rinsed out. This left the instrument etched, and who knows if it ever stopped etching? Have your valves ever been the same, since the first acid bath? The combination of Ultrasonic cleaning and the power flushing that I do, will leave your horn as clean as it can, or ever will, be. NO harsh chemicals. NO weird taste in your mouth. Just the cleanest, freshest, best playing horn you can imagine. Combine this service with Bore scope valve alignment, and in most cases, it will play better than new.


We offer play conditions, repads, overhauls and complete mechanical restorations.

We also offer custom voicing. This is a process of working with the player, their mouthpiece - ligature - reed combinations to voice the instrument, thus maximizing the playing potential of each instrument to the player. Repads, overhauls and restorations will be discussed in person, with the instrument in front of us, as our crystal ball is broken, and there are no repair people available, who don't really scare me.


Play conditions through overhauls are available, as well as Embouchure plate and Embouchure hole custom work. We can also do custom plating on lip plates.