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(*prices & availability subject to change)

I always have a constant supply of pre-owned lightly used instruments in and out of the shop. I can also get most brands new at reduced prices, better than most store prices. Please email or call for prices and availability. I have on hand New Cannonball Saxes. For great prices on new and used Trumpets, Trombones, Flutes, Clarinets, Alto, Tenor and Soprano, call or email us today.

The new instrument lines I carry are among the best players available anywhere. All are the best bang for the buck. -CASH PRICES AVAILABLE- Call us!

And now - NO Interest, Layaway available for ALL instruments for sale. Lock in your prices NOW!!


New Di Zhao's in stock and able to order specifics!
Pre-Owned Gemeinhardt Open Hole Flute $650 or $600 cash.
Pre-Owned Yamaha Flute $650 or $600 cash.
Pre-Owned Jupiter Piccolo $450 or $400 cash.
We have both Piccolo and Flute Head joints for sale!
Best selection of new and used flutes with the best prices.


Pre-Owned Cabart Oboe $1000.
Pre-Owned Buffet Full Conservatory Oboe $2000 or $1900 cash.
Pre-Owned Selmer "A" Clarinet $2100 or $2000 cash.
Pre-Owned Selmer Soloist Wood Clarinet - $850 or $800 cash.

Used student level clarinets always in stock in a variety of brands!

Many Bass Clarinets starting at $800 and moving up.

Pre-Owned Selmer Bass Clarinet $1250 or $1200 cash.
Pre-Owned Bundy Bass Clarinet $850 or $800 cash.
Pre-Owned Vito Bass Clarinet $750 or $700 cash.
Pre-Owned Schreiber Wooden Bassoon $3000.
Pre-Owned Bundy Alto Clarinet $600 or $500 cash.


*We can order any Cannonball Sax! Stop in and talk to Mike!*
Amazing selection of new and used Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones!

Used student level Alto Saxophones starting from $350.
*New* Cannonball Vintage Reborn Tenor sax. Call for details!.

Pre-Owned Theo Wanne Soprano Sax $2500 or $2400 cash.
Pre-Owned Cannonball Soprano Sax $2100 or $2000 cash.
Pre-Owned Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Alto $2000 or $1900 cash.
Pre-Owned Cannonball Raven Alto Sax $1550 or $1500 cash.
Pre-Owned Buffet Super Dynaction Alto Sax with original case $1500 or $1400 cash!
Pre-Owned Martin Hand Kraft Imperial Alto in AMAZING condition $700 or $600 cash.
Pre-Owned Like New* Cannonball Tenor T4 Model $2700 or $2600 cash.
Pre-Owned Firebird Tenor Sax $1300 or $1200 cash.
Pre-Owned Selmer Series II Tenor Sax $2800 or $2700 cash.
Pre-Owned King Zephyr Bari Sax $1800 or $1700 cash.


Some of the most amazing used trombones on the planet are in the shop!
Pre-Owned Bach 42 Convertible Trombone $2000.
Pre-Owned Conn Constellation Trombone $1100.
Pre-Owned King 2B Trombone $1500.
Pre-Owned York Master Trombone $800.
Pre-Owned Olds P16 Trombone $2000 or $1900 cash.
Pre-Owned Conn 72H Trombone $1600 or $1500 cash.
Pre-Owned Bach Strad Trombone $1500.

Wide assortment of Trumpets and Flugel horns.
Pre-Owned Bach Flugel Horn $900 or $850 cash.
Pre-Owned Martin Imperial Trumpet $600 or $500 cash.
Pre-Owned Yamaha Trumpet $1300 or $1200 cash.
Pre-Owned Selmer Piccolo Trumpet $1800 or $1700 cash.
Pre-Owned Bach Strad Trumpet $1450 or $1400 cash.
Pre-Owned Bach Strad Trumpet $1800.

Tubas and Euphoniums and French Horns all in stock.
Pre-Owned Miraphone Tuba $1100 or $1000 cash.
Pre-Owned Besson Alto Horn $450 or $400 cash.
Pre-Owned Jupiter Mellophone $600 or $500 cash.
Pre-Owned Jupiter Euphonium $900 or $800 cash.
Pre-Owned Yamaha Single French Horn $400 or $350.
Pre-Owned Jupiter Double Frech Horn $1000.
Pre-Owned King Double French Horn $2000 or $1900 cash.


We have a wide assortment of mouth pieces both new and used for all instruments. We have both Theo wanne and Jody Jazz for both Alto and Tenor Saxophones in shop. We have a gently used Pomarico Wizard series crystal clarinet mouthpiece and many more! You are sure to find something you cannot live without!