NAPBIRT Code of Ethics

Approved 1978

1). The members shall conform to existing laws and regulations governing business procedures and the practice of band instruments repair, rejuvenation and maintenance in the state and community in which they practice.

2.) The member may offer technical services to a client as a consultant, specifier, or technician on the basis of a fee, salary, or commission, provided that the professional services shall be performed in a manner that is in the best interest of the client without sacrificing the professional integrity of the member or the standards of the profession.

3.) The member will, prior to entering into an agreement with a client, clearly determine and define with the client the scope and nature of the services required and the method of compensation.

4.) The member shall not divulge privileged information without the consent of the client.

5.) The member shall consider their financial responsibility as an obligation to their profession.

6.) Members becoming involved in any community projects, designed to improve the quality of band music, shall conduct themselves in a manner to enhance the dignity of the profession and the Association.

7.) The member shall not, at any time, injure the reputation or business relations of another professional technician.

8.) The member shall not, by using any deceitful, unfair, or unethical business practice, attempt to solicit any prospective client away from another professional technician.

9.) The member shall not permit any representative of their business organization to represent themselves to the general public as a professional band instrument repair technician unless they are qualified by training or experience.

10.) The member shall not imply through advertising or any other means that their staff or employees of their firm are members of the Association unless such be the fact, since the right to use the Association appellation is granted to the individual only.

11.) The members shall encourage and contribute to the sharing of ideas and information between themselves and allied professions. All such sharing and encouragement shall be governed by the high standards of professional practice which apply to their relationship with fellow technicians.

12.) The member shall consider it their professional responsibility to encourage those candidates interested in the training of band instrument repair and to offer assistance whenever possible to those who enter the profession.

Any deviation from this code, or from subsequent revisions by the Board of Directors or Executive Board of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc. or any action detrimental to the Association and the profession as a whole shall be deemed unprofessional conduct subject to discipline by the Association's Executive Board.